Sustainable Business Practices

In the age of globalization, Business organizations are focusing to achieve sustainable development practices and greener practices so that future generations can be ensured to availability of many resources from our mother earth. Today's main challenge is how to cut carbon dioxide emissions from factories and other wastage of materials. In this way, focus should … Continue reading Sustainable Business Practices

Supply Chain Management

It is a process where different actors contribute to successful delivery of products and services to end users. For example: We get our products through online order then there are many people who contribute to this process . Each one plays a defined roles like a logistics company might deliver us our required products. We … Continue reading Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management : Meaning and Definition

Supply Chain is a set of interlinked tasked performed by different stakeholders while procuring input materials from vendors to produce finished goods and deliver the same finished products to end users on a timely manner. It offers competitve advantages to organization in modern days tech based business operations across the world market. During Covid lock … Continue reading Supply Chain Management : Meaning and Definition