Meaning of Succession Management in Organization

In the age of competition, the success of an organization depends upon many factors . One such important factor is succession planning and management. It is the practice of planning, developing and creating a pool of executives who can take the top leadership profiles of the organization. Career management, retention of employees, and talent management … Continue reading Meaning of Succession Management in Organization

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Management of Leadership

Leadership is one of the most discussed topic in the area of business and political field. In this process, a leader supports his subordinates or followers for achieving broader and common goals . Management of top level leaders and their leadership abilities can be seen as top requirements for retention and establishing such competencies to … Continue reading Management of Leadership

Narendra Modi : Leadership Style

Indian prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi is known for his global leadership style and motivational speeches across the world. His different speeches in USA, UNO, UK and in other countries are remarkable not for Indian people but the same has aspirations to teach global citizens towards humanity, collaboration, cross cultural specialties and an outlook to … Continue reading Narendra Modi : Leadership Style

Succession Management

Photo by August de Richelieu on In business, it is quite imperative that who will replace to whom in near future. Succession planning is an approach to overcome challenges of leadership replacement and developing a pool of talent . When a highly capable senior leader leaves the organization , it creates vaccum so succession … Continue reading Succession Management

Succession Planning And Its Consequences Towards Corporate Performance

In the age of severe competitive market conditions, stress at corporate level performance and challenges of corporate governance models, successful establishment of corporate succession planning ( CSP) might provide organizations a better edge against competitors. When a top level executive leaves the organization then there are many challenges and factors works within organizational work environment. … Continue reading Succession Planning And Its Consequences Towards Corporate Performance