Meditation Science or Art

In the age of stress and Pandemic, if ,we can save ourselves with negative vibes and energy then we have to understand first the science and art behind meditation. Meditation is a science when we accept a standardized procedures and steps to get mental relaxation and peace. It is an art when there is our … Continue reading Meditation Science or Art

Indian Ethos : Our way to see world

India is a great place to experience diverse set of cultural traditions and value system. It is a single country in the world where many challenges lives with same freedom . Indian philosophy signifies that world is one family. Many citizens in India understand that why global communities and people are the members of one … Continue reading Indian Ethos : Our way to see world

“Life is a learning experience of ups and downs”

Our life offers us variety of experiences i.e happiness, trouble, hope , expectations and many sudden changes. The most critical question is how can one manage one's lifestyle and social interactions with successful interventions. The important considerations are understanding the need of ourselves, managing good relationships with everyone and manage our materialistic needs with wisdom. … Continue reading “Life is a learning experience of ups and downs”

Spiritual Wellness

When we hear this word , spirituality then our minds become automatically inclined towards philosophical upbringings. We start thinking about essence of our religious backgrounds. How can we achieve peace of mind , more permanent solutions to day to day challenges of our life , keeping away to ourselves from materialistic things, etc. are some … Continue reading Spiritual Wellness