Meditation Science or Art

In the age of stress and Pandemic, if ,we can save ourselves with negative vibes and energy then we have to understand first the science and art behind meditation. Meditation is a science when we accept a standardized procedures and steps to get mental relaxation and peace. It is an art when there is our … Continue reading Meditation Science or Art

Beautiful Morning Quotes

Energy is basic of our right decision making. Morning is a perfect time when we have a lot of energy and zeal to achieve more and more. Start your day with remembering the power and blessings of Almighty!

Understand Your Inner Power To Change The World

An idea can change the way we see the world and our life. Meditation is important because of the fact that it offers us a chance to introspection. This realizes that we human beings have a set of purposes to achieve and fullfill so that to serve our community. Our God has provided us enormous … Continue reading Understand Your Inner Power To Change The World