Children can be seen as our true teacher….

They are innocent in every sense. They keep on smiling on ups and downs. They don't eat anything when they have proper milk and food etc. They give us energy and inspiration to be honest and energetic.

Social Services : The Need Of Hour

How valuable is our support for life of others whenever they need it most ..may be a pertinent question of ourselves. Social services are pivot for any country or community development for the welfare of marginalized community . International organizations are working well for the promotion and welfare programs to global mass of such underprivileged … Continue reading Social Services : The Need Of Hour

Understanding Our Basic Needs To Sustain

In the age of globalization, As a consumer , we are getting a number of choices for the same products and services. Generally, we get confused about our real needs when exposed to number of offerings from different sources of global markets and a faster supply chain era. The need of hour is to realize … Continue reading Understanding Our Basic Needs To Sustain