Plant Tree To Boost Oxygen Level In Our Country and Locality

The recent Covid19 Pandemic has taught a lesson that safeguard to our environment is critical. To get continuous fresh oxygen, we should have to plant huge no. of trees across the earth. Every single individual must plant atleast 5 trees .This situation will improve the level of oxygen in our atmosphere.

New Web Of Corona Virus: A disaster to Humanity

The recent weeks have shown that the cases of Corona virus infections increasing with exponential growth. Everyone is getting infections without knowing its real cause. People who make a little carelessness are facing difficult time due to this global disaster. The need of hour is to follow standard protocols and keep yourself in home isolation. … Continue reading New Web Of Corona Virus: A disaster to Humanity

Covid19: A mamooth Crisis for global markets

Covid19 has created many unseen and unexpected losses to humanity as well as market system of our world. The supply chain challenges, challenges to lost customers, increased cost of products due to expenses on extra care and security of products package etc. has created severe challenges to small and even big business houses. The need … Continue reading Covid19: A mamooth Crisis for global markets

Happy Holi 2021 : An Indian Festival of Colors and Joy

Amid Covid Pandemic, Holi is one of the important festivals of Indian people and its diaspora. Holi offers a chance to forget old enemies , leave negativity , quarrels and work hard together to achieve big success in the life. I wish you all the great festival of Colors and Entertainment of sweet dishes.

Post Covid19 Challenges For Humanity

Covid19 is gradually declining with its effects on our day to day life related activities. The programs for vaccination is running across different countries of the world. The major lessons of Covid19 crisis must be identified, analyzed and potential strategies should be framed by the top level leaders of our global society. Human beings should … Continue reading Post Covid19 Challenges For Humanity

Vaccination For COVID 19

Year 2021 might be the time of revival and recovery from corona disease . In this effort, scientists and medical research fraternity has done great job so far started from Russia now, different countries like Britain, USA, India, etc. have created and started vaccinations for front line paramedical staffs and to the citizens. This is … Continue reading Vaccination For COVID 19