Six Sigma : An Approach to Quality management

When ,we talk about quality in manufacturing operations then the term six sigma comes in the picture or discussion . The simple meaning of six sigma quality is that there is a very less no. of defects permissible out of 1 lakh of cases or manufactured items. The defect rate usually occurs 3.4 defects out … Continue reading Six Sigma : An Approach to Quality management

Covid19: A mamooth Crisis for global markets

Covid19 has created many unseen and unexpected losses to humanity as well as market system of our world. The supply chain challenges, challenges to lost customers, increased cost of products due to expenses on extra care and security of products package etc. has created severe challenges to small and even big business houses. The need … Continue reading Covid19: A mamooth Crisis for global markets

Everyone Is Selling Something

Sales is one of the important word which provides us a new height not in our business but in other fields of our day to day life. Selling idea is different from selling a tangible product like mango, laptop, smartphone , movie ticket, food items etc. Photo by Karolina Grabowska on In the age … Continue reading Everyone Is Selling Something

Market Share : Meaning

Photo by Pixabay on It is the proportion of sales figures ( Usually in percentage) achieved by an organization over a specific period of time. For example: A care manufacturer has sold 25% car in all sold cars ( out of 100% ) then market share of that company will be called as 25%. … Continue reading Market Share : Meaning

Sustainable Marketing

In the age of globalization, we are facing challenges related to sustainable existence of our life . The increasing load on cities in terms of population, over pollution, increasing temperature level, lack of food grains , water crisis , deforestation, lack of pure air, disease like Covid and others etc. are forcing us to plan, … Continue reading Sustainable Marketing

Online Advertising : Ways to Cut Cost

Traditionally , we know that advertising was a difficult and costly affairs for most of the branded products and organizations. It was a paid form of promotional activities which usually incurred a huge amount of investment for attracting customers . Pamphlets, Loudspeakers, magazines, TV commercials, Canopy , Offline door to door campaigns etc. were utilized … Continue reading Online Advertising : Ways to Cut Cost