Our life is itself a mantra of success

Everyone has it's own ups and downs. The need of time is to keep persistent efforts towards Excellence.

Timely Decision is basis to our Success Story

It is important to have our presence of mind to take instant decision if time demands the same from us. Our success in many endeavors will depend upon our capabilities to take solid and comprehensive decisions. Life is span of definite and unseen events but our focus should be to achieve success through timely decision … Continue reading Timely Decision is basis to our Success Story

Life quotes

Life is sum of our thoughts and creations.

Children Offers Us Inspiration

A child has many reasons to happiness and ecstasy. Usually, people ignore small things but they can get inspiration from these characteristics of a child. A child will laugh without any perfect reason . It signifies that an adult person can learn to be happy and smiling one without any specific reasons to do so. … Continue reading Children Offers Us Inspiration

Life is a process of understanding ourselves.

Sometimes, i think that why i came to this earth ? What is purpose of my birth on this earth or to a particular place? Understanding to self might be provide solutions to such mysterious questions. I conclude that self is a process of exploration of our hidden desire and thoughts. Way to self exploration