Human Resource Management Topics @2021

According to my view, HRM will see many new facets like 1) Artificial intelligence and HR policies 2) Virtual HR and Online workplace 3) Training for online workers 4) New Coordination Rules for Gig workers 5) HRM in Crisis Time 6) HRM in healthcare sector 7) Changing rules of HRM 8) Strategies for successful HR … Continue reading Human Resource Management Topics @2021


Covid19 has created challenges to almost every organizations across the world. Work related challenges and problems are severe one. People lost their jobs and opportunity to growth due to non operative conditions and huge loss faced by companies. Some of the major challenges can be listed as , Psychological challenges like fear, stress, stigma, anger … Continue reading WORKPLACE CHALLENGES : 2021

Workplace Challenges During Covid19: Pandemic lessons

Organizations are facing challenges related to workforce placement on different redesigned job roles after Covid19 Pandemic and lockdown across the world. Human resource managers are reshaping the strategies and tactics to successfully retain , layoffs and even retrenchment of surplus staffs during crisis time. A famour business leader from India has said that It is … Continue reading Workplace Challenges During Covid19: Pandemic lessons