Health is must for All .

When we ignore our health then it costs more in upcoming years due to bad conditions of a particular problem. The right approach is to deal with any disease that it must be tackled immediately. Any medical procedures must be followed under medical supervision.

Health Care Sector : Opportunities

Pandemic Covid has created many roles to be fulfilled in Hospitals and Clinics across the world. Some of the emerging opportunities are; Photo by Artem Podrez on Front line health care professionalsEmergency care staffsVaccinationsPhysiciansDieticians Health Activists with NGOsDoctors NursesRadiology and Lab professionalsCommunity care professionals

Vaccination For COVID 19

Year 2021 might be the time of revival and recovery from corona disease . In this effort, scientists and medical research fraternity has done great job so far started from Russia now, different countries like Britain, USA, India, etc. have created and started vaccinations for front line paramedical staffs and to the citizens. This is … Continue reading Vaccination For COVID 19

Scope of Health Care Sector: After New Normal

Covid19 is a big challenge against human being. This time , countries are focusing to provide vaccinations on time to its citizens by any how. Health care sector will be witness many paradigm shifts globally. Now , many research institutions are working with combined resources and skills set to search new medications for this SAARS … Continue reading Scope of Health Care Sector: After New Normal

New wave of Covid19: Ways to Handle it

People across the world are facing the unknown risks and life threatening consequences of Pandemic, Covid19. The recent cases of Corona disease must be taken as serious one. The need of our is to again maintain, Social Distancing Avoid touching of unnecessary things Try to boost your immunity Maintenan hygienic conditions in homeDo excercise and … Continue reading New wave of Covid19: Ways to Handle it