Sustainability in Life

The current crisis of Covid19 Pandemic has influenced our day to day life and psychological mindset. None has idea that whether they will survive or not. The question of sustainability seems mammoth one. Lets! human beings think about Forest development, purification of our air through removal of pollution, freedom to get best medicine, Yoga Meditation … Continue reading Sustainability in Life

Food Items with Fibers

A healthy life styles can be ensured through consumption of fibers enriched diets .One can follow these items as an indication to fiber riched foods stuffs 1) Fruits in Breakfasts like Apple , Banana, Papayas 2) Whole wheat flour 3) Multi grain flour for breads 4) Milk with dry fruits nuts , cashews etc. 5) … Continue reading Food Items with Fibers

Crisis management

Covid19 has created many unseen challenges for us. The need for vaccination, medicines , food stuffs, oxygen cylinders and emergency care etc. forced us to think for sustainability in our life. Crisis management is a field of study which focuses to offer immediate solutions to challenges of our day to day or normal life. It … Continue reading Crisis management

Greener Life Styles

In the age of sustainability, our life styles should be equipped with greener practices and natural products. Life styles means how we wear our clothes, what we eat usually, how we create carbon footprint etc. Bonsai can be utilized to keep our home greener as well as planted with oxygen giving plants. Fresh air can … Continue reading Greener Life Styles


Globally, countries are facing severe challenges in terms of economic downturn and low sales volume in different sectors of economy . This is creating challenges like job loss, inflation and lack of supply in some of the segments of the products. Photo by Pixabay on The results and forecast of different institutions from global … Continue reading INDIAN ECONOMY : POWERFUL RECOVERY2021