An Unsung Voice Of Our Nature

The recent cyclone in India And Asian Countries shows that how nature is changing its path and characteristics from time to time. The greed for growth is growing to a mammoth level. People has disturbed the whole nature in terms of excess utilization of natural resources. This expolitation has caused severe challenges against us. We … Continue reading An Unsung Voice Of Our Nature

Management of Leadership

Leadership is one of the most discussed topic in the area of business and political field. In this process, a leader supports his subordinates or followers for achieving broader and common goals . Management of top level leaders and their leadership abilities can be seen as top requirements for retention and establishing such competencies to … Continue reading Management of Leadership

Donald Trump And His Leadership Style

The recent events of aggressiveness and life threatening accidents in USA can be seen as the problem of leadership and misuse of power confronted upon democratic principles. His leadership style can been seen on many fronts. Initially, he was very positive and citizens understand that he will make America great again. In today's context, my … Continue reading Donald Trump And His Leadership Style

Narendra Modi : Leadership Style

Indian prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi is known for his global leadership style and motivational speeches across the world. His different speeches in USA, UNO, UK and in other countries are remarkable not for Indian people but the same has aspirations to teach global citizens towards humanity, collaboration, cross cultural specialties and an outlook to … Continue reading Narendra Modi : Leadership Style