Crisis revels our test for preparedness to fight

The global economy has been facing many unprecedented challenges amid Pandemic time. None knows what will be accurate figure of growth and development and time of normalcy.. If , we carefully analyze the Pandemic situations across the global spectrum then we can easily determine that the level of our proactive approach and preparation to face … Continue reading Crisis revels our test for preparedness to fight

Sustainability in Life

The current crisis of Covid19 Pandemic has influenced our day to day life and psychological mindset. None has idea that whether they will survive or not. The question of sustainability seems mammoth one. Lets! human beings think about Forest development, purification of our air through removal of pollution, freedom to get best medicine, Yoga Meditation … Continue reading Sustainability in Life

Morning thoughts

Our inner self can achieve peace and enlightenment when we have some space and time to thought differently about our progress. Being cool is best suited style for our personal development. To get inner talk or self talk , we can awake early in the morning. We can get a bunch of thoughts.

Life Quotes

Morning is beginning of another phase of our life where everything is common with many things unknown to us. Happiness works a lot for relaxing our stressful mind. Keep your mind free from any dust of doubts. Enjoy your presence in the beautiful laps of nature. Keep yourself associated to morning positive vibes.

Meaning OF Honesty

Honesty is most preferred word in a civilized society. People using it are called as people of morality and humble backgrounds. Honesty can be seen as different from diverse groups of people . It is a norm through which a person shows best possible attitude and behavior towards others while any type of interaction. For … Continue reading Meaning OF Honesty

Philosophies Of Swami Vivekanand Ji : Indian Heritage of Spirituality

Everyone knows about Speech of Swami Ji in the year 1893 at Chicago, World religion Conference. He was the profounder of world is one family in modern day thought. His remarks to Americans Citizens as Dear Brothers and Sisters still remembered by many people across the world. Swami Ji was first people who modernized our … Continue reading Philosophies Of Swami Vivekanand Ji : Indian Heritage of Spirituality

Social Services : The Need Of Hour

How valuable is our support for life of others whenever they need it most ..may be a pertinent question of ourselves. Social services are pivot for any country or community development for the welfare of marginalized community . International organizations are working well for the promotion and welfare programs to global mass of such underprivileged … Continue reading Social Services : The Need Of Hour

Why Global Society Needs Value Based Education ?

Global citizens, communities and our societies are facing many challenges related to criminal acts, greed centered fraudulent, terrorism, racial discrimination, abuse against women , crime against children and many other heinous crimes in our society. The need of today's society is to enrich our youths and children with value based education. Students and social members … Continue reading Why Global Society Needs Value Based Education ?


Organizations can set new achievements in its global operations when they have proper focus on developing a workplace with human values. The need of hour is to understand the challenges and problems of clients as the problem of organization so that a long term business relationships can be established. Professional ethics can be introduced with … Continue reading HUMAN VALUES AND PROFESSIONAL ETHICS