Crisis management

Covid19 has created many unseen challenges for us. The need for vaccination, medicines , food stuffs, oxygen cylinders and emergency care etc. forced us to think for sustainability in our life. Crisis management is a field of study which focuses to offer immediate solutions to challenges of our day to day or normal life. It … Continue reading Crisis management

Survival of Fittest is still relevant at a time of Corona Crisis.

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Covid19: A mamooth Crisis for global markets

Covid19 has created many unseen and unexpected losses to humanity as well as market system of our world. The supply chain challenges, challenges to lost customers, increased cost of products due to expenses on extra care and security of products package etc. has created severe challenges to small and even big business houses. The need … Continue reading Covid19: A mamooth Crisis for global markets

List of Indian Epics That Must Be Read by Everyone from world

1) Bhagwat Geeta 2) Ramcharitmanas 3) Vedas 4) End of Vedas / Upanishad 5) Books from Geeta Press Publication, Gorakhpur 6) Literature of Hindi Language