Earn Money In 2022 with online presence

In the digital era , earning money is not much difficult as it was few years back. During covid 19 pandemic, the rate of online transfer and virtual workplace has been increased so far. People who are intrested to earn money online or digital ways can choose different niches by analysing their own strengths and … Continue reading Earn Money In 2022 with online presence

Internet : An Ocean of Opportunities

Recent Pandemic has created internet as a space where people are searching everything. It offers a wide range of services and business opportunities for the entrepreneurs or those who wish to take significant risks in doing online business. No sector of economy has been left where internet has not been entered to provide transformation or … Continue reading Internet : An Ocean of Opportunities

Covid19: A mamooth Crisis for global markets

Covid19 has created many unseen and unexpected losses to humanity as well as market system of our world. The supply chain challenges, challenges to lost customers, increased cost of products due to expenses on extra care and security of products package etc. has created severe challenges to small and even big business houses. The need … Continue reading Covid19: A mamooth Crisis for global markets

Online Tutoring

It is one of the good way to earn from home if someone has good command over his area of specialization. In this , Students ask questions or doubtful concepts from the independent tutors . This help may be about getting assistance to solve the problems of assignments and home work given from their college … Continue reading Online Tutoring

Sustainable Business Practices

In the age of globalization, Business organizations are focusing to achieve sustainable development practices and greener practices so that future generations can be ensured to availability of many resources from our mother earth. Today's main challenge is how to cut carbon dioxide emissions from factories and other wastage of materials. In this way, focus should … Continue reading Sustainable Business Practices

Everyone Is Selling Something

Sales is one of the important word which provides us a new height not in our business but in other fields of our day to day life. Selling idea is different from selling a tangible product like mango, laptop, smartphone , movie ticket, food items etc. Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com In the age … Continue reading Everyone Is Selling Something

Online Privacy Is A Big Challenge

In the age of internet based transactions and interactions , we are very much concerned with our privacy, security and unseen challenges on web world. The way companies and other groups are using consumers data without permission is a matter of concern. The new users of internet must understand the way they should disclose their … Continue reading Online Privacy Is A Big Challenge

Online Advertising : Ways to Cut Cost

Traditionally , we know that advertising was a difficult and costly affairs for most of the branded products and organizations. It was a paid form of promotional activities which usually incurred a huge amount of investment for attracting customers . Pamphlets, Loudspeakers, magazines, TV commercials, Canopy , Offline door to door campaigns etc. were utilized … Continue reading Online Advertising : Ways to Cut Cost