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Simplicity is a mirror image of your character ..@abhishek pandey

Crisis revels our test for preparedness to fight

The global economy has been facing many unprecedented challenges amid Pandemic time. None knows what will be accurate figure of growth and development and time of normalcy.. If , we carefully analyze the Pandemic situations across the global spectrum then we can easily determine that the level of our proactive approach and preparation to face … Continue reading Crisis revels our test for preparedness to fight

Global Pandemic Crisis

Current crisis of Covid19 can be said as a major challenge against each citizens and countries. People are dying in those countries where healthcare system are said to be stronger one.

Harmony At A Time When Global Mass Is Facing Corona Crisis

The case of Wuhan and spread of COVID19 around the world will remain in the heart of citizens for many years yet to come. The challenges of life survival and other critical challenges of our day to day life have created a sense of neutrality and reduction in the stages of ego. People are understanding … Continue reading Harmony At A Time When Global Mass Is Facing Corona Crisis

Morning reminds us for solitude and peaceful thinking @ Cool minds help in exploring new thoughts

Crisis management

Covid19 has created many unseen challenges for us. The need for vaccination, medicines , food stuffs, oxygen cylinders and emergency care etc. forced us to think for sustainability in our life. Crisis management is a field of study which focuses to offer immediate solutions to challenges of our day to day or normal life. It … Continue reading Crisis management

Health Care Sector : Opportunities

Pandemic Covid has created many roles to be fulfilled in Hospitals and Clinics across the world. Some of the emerging opportunities are; Photo by Artem Podrez on Front line health care professionalsEmergency care staffsVaccinationsPhysiciansDieticians Health Activists with NGOsDoctors NursesRadiology and Lab professionalsCommunity care professionals