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Covid19 and Hybrid Work Arrangements

Corporate work places have seen many challenges due to pandemic across the world. Many people lost their jobs and faced economic crunches. HR professionals have adopted new work policies and practices to ensure work operations and offering people more avenues through virtual mode. Even , top level managers who wish to attend corporate Headquarters changed … Continue reading Covid19 and Hybrid Work Arrangements

Morning Inspiration

New day new level of excitement to work should be our motto. It helps us to reenergize ourselves and achievement of greater milestones in our life.

Latest Trends In Management Discipline

Management is a widely accepted discipline. In this mainly, focus will be to achieve efficiency and effectiveness of corporate organizations. Covid19 pandemic has affected every discipline of study to some extent and management was also infected to many policy and work place level changes. Some of the latest trends are 1) Virtual workplace has been … Continue reading Latest Trends In Management Discipline