Happiness is all about our actions

To get happiness and peace in our life , we should act in favor of humanitarian values. We are different from animals so our aim should be to offer help to our community members. This help may be financial as well as non- financial one. Our life should be drive with mutual happiness. Remember one … Continue reading Happiness is all about our actions

Live Your Day With Positivity

The secret of happiness and a good life styles depends upon your attitude and lifestyles . If,one brings positive energy and support to many marginalized section of people then the aims of life will be fullfilled . Covid19 crisis has emphasized that people should work on Positivity and to protect our natural environment. The focus … Continue reading Live Your Day With Positivity

Morning thoughts

Our inner self can achieve peace and enlightenment when we have some space and time to thought differently about our progress. Being cool is best suited style for our personal development. To get inner talk or self talk , we can awake early in the morning. We can get a bunch of thoughts.

Post Covid19 Challenges For Humanity

Covid19 is gradually declining with its effects on our day to day life related activities. The programs for vaccination is running across different countries of the world. The major lessons of Covid19 crisis must be identified, analyzed and potential strategies should be framed by the top level leaders of our global society. Human beings should … Continue reading Post Covid19 Challenges For Humanity


The year 2021 is coming soon with many challenges to curb by the global society and joint effort of countries. Some major challenges can be listed as, Covid19, Pandemic Managing Challenges from countries thinking to expand their power and territory based encroachments Food and hunger challenges Sustainability issues Global markets integrationEnsuring protection from terrorism related … Continue reading YEAR 2021 : LIST OF MAJOR CHALLENGES TO ADDRESS BY THE GLOBAL THINK TANK AND STRATEGIC FORUMS