Life is a journey equipped with random thoughts if no peace will be in mind and soul

A balanced person can only experience non randomness of ideas and thoughts. Meditation

World Environment Day @2021

The theme of this year is "Ecosystem Restoration". It has been rightly chosen as a theme. The need of hour is to make social, economic and environmental changes so as to achieve environmental protection. There should be a list of countries and organizations which are doing great in terms of restoration efforts. Independent agencies should … Continue reading World Environment Day @2021

Latest Trends In Management Discipline

Management is a widely accepted discipline. In this mainly, focus will be to achieve efficiency and effectiveness of corporate organizations. Covid19 pandemic has affected every discipline of study to some extent and management was also infected to many policy and work place level changes. Some of the latest trends are 1) Virtual workplace has been … Continue reading Latest Trends In Management Discipline

Truth Of Today’s World

An unknown, unseen, unusual fear has been quarantined in our conscious. Everyone is living with fear of loss of life due to some unprecedented accident like encounter with Covid19 Pandemic. Hope is only best cure....🎯🙏

Morning thoughts

Our inner self can achieve peace and enlightenment when we have some space and time to thought differently about our progress. Being cool is best suited style for our personal development. To get inner talk or self talk , we can awake early in the morning. We can get a bunch of thoughts.

Beautiful Morning Quotes

Energy is basic of our right decision making. Morning is a perfect time when we have a lot of energy and zeal to achieve more and more. Start your day with remembering the power and blessings of Almighty!

Healthcare Sector An Ocean of Opportunities

Covid19 has created healthcare sector as most challenging as well as important one. It has offered new opportunities to millions of people in relation to critical and emergency care services. Countries and its stakeholders are thinking to set new ways to handle the proactive care services in case of global crisis like Corona disease. Photo … Continue reading Healthcare Sector An Ocean of Opportunities

Sustainable Marketing

In the age of globalization, we are facing challenges related to sustainable existence of our life . The increasing load on cities in terms of population, over pollution, increasing temperature level, lack of food grains , water crisis , deforestation, lack of pure air, disease like Covid and others etc. are forcing us to plan, … Continue reading Sustainable Marketing

Career Counseling with two way discussion: Removing barriers and doubts towards success

What i believe that people usually take decisions based on surroundings and environment where they live. The need of hour is to identify your passion, zeal , strengths, capabilities and motivation to achieve greater milestones into your life. A motivational push and right advisory will help anyone to achieve bigger tasks and career success. There … Continue reading Career Counseling with two way discussion: Removing barriers and doubts towards success