Crisis revels our test for preparedness to fight

The global economy has been facing many unprecedented challenges amid Pandemic time. None knows what will be accurate figure of growth and development and time of normalcy.. If , we carefully analyze the Pandemic situations across the global spectrum then we can easily determine that the level of our proactive approach and preparation to face … Continue reading Crisis revels our test for preparedness to fight

Mantras For Successful Business Interventions

A business model can achieve many milestones through focused approach of management people. Business model is a set of processes through which customers will be served and profit can be earned. The whole gamut of organizational activities emphasizes on creating a simpler and more value creating interface for customers. Success needs consistent performance in different … Continue reading Mantras For Successful Business Interventions

Business Model

How can an individual define the term business model? It is a process of delivering products and services to end users by targeting them with a unique process. Every type of organizations must have clearly established business model. This will leverage them to earn huge income. Photo by nappy on The success of any … Continue reading Business Model