Management of Leadership

Leadership is one of the most discussed topic in the area of business and political field. In this process, a leader supports his subordinates or followers for achieving broader and common goals . Management of top level leaders and their leadership abilities can be seen as top requirements for retention and establishing such competencies to … Continue reading Management of Leadership

Mantras For Successful Business Interventions

A business model can achieve many milestones through focused approach of management people. Business model is a set of processes through which customers will be served and profit can be earned. The whole gamut of organizational activities emphasizes on creating a simpler and more value creating interface for customers. Success needs consistent performance in different … Continue reading Mantras For Successful Business Interventions

Management Implications

The word management can be used in different sense but focus may be to manage the activities with an efficient and effective way. When, organizations are competing with similar fronts and business strategies then smooth conduct of business goals can be ensured through management action plan. Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Management usually starts … Continue reading Management Implications

Human Resource Management : Meaning

It is also called as HRM. As we know that every organization has workforce which is typically called as human resources, human capital, workforce, manpower , labor force, human assets etc. Managing issues related to employees is called as HRM in organizational context. Photo by Anete Lusina on The success or failure of an … Continue reading Human Resource Management : Meaning


Organizations can set new achievements in its global operations when they have proper focus on developing a workplace with human values. The need of hour is to understand the challenges and problems of clients as the problem of organization so that a long term business relationships can be established. Professional ethics can be introduced with … Continue reading HUMAN VALUES AND PROFESSIONAL ETHICS


Management is a diversified field when we talk about globalized markets and business operations internationally. Every types of organizations whether corporate or not for profit required professionally groomed people. In this way , people having knowledge of business administration and decision making will have great opportunities. MBAs are getting opportunity to work with multinational companies … Continue reading CAREER SCOPE IN BUSINESS MANAGEMENT