PhD research proposal/ Research Proposal for PhD

Pay for getting the document to your registered email ID Research Proposal PhD reference file for Business Management and Humanities ScholarsThis a the soft copy of research proposal useful in writing Ph.D research proposal /Research write-up/Synopsis document for reference/Business Research . Research Proposal PhD reference file for Business Management and Humanities Scholars Proposal/Reference document for … Continue reading PhD research proposal/ Research Proposal for PhD

Lean Operations

In manufacturing and services organization, we can utilize lean philosophy which means best way to reduce waste in production facility or in services organization. Originally, the concept was designed at Toyota Motor Corporation in Japan as a part of quality management. There are many concepts associated to lean operations like Just in time ( JIT) … Continue reading Lean Operations

Crisis revels our test for preparedness to fight

The global economy has been facing many unprecedented challenges amid Pandemic time. None knows what will be accurate figure of growth and development and time of normalcy.. If , we carefully analyze the Pandemic situations across the global spectrum then we can easily determine that the level of our proactive approach and preparation to face … Continue reading Crisis revels our test for preparedness to fight

Global Pandemic Crisis

Current crisis of Covid19 can be said as a major challenge against each citizens and countries. People are dying in those countries where healthcare system are said to be stronger one.

Internet : An Ocean of Opportunities

Recent Pandemic has created internet as a space where people are searching everything. It offers a wide range of services and business opportunities for the entrepreneurs or those who wish to take significant risks in doing online business. No sector of economy has been left where internet has not been entered to provide transformation or … Continue reading Internet : An Ocean of Opportunities

Crisis management

Covid19 has created many unseen challenges for us. The need for vaccination, medicines , food stuffs, oxygen cylinders and emergency care etc. forced us to think for sustainability in our life. Crisis management is a field of study which focuses to offer immediate solutions to challenges of our day to day or normal life. It … Continue reading Crisis management

Business Is Best Opportunity For Risk Takers

In the age of internet and technology , we can see that every one is talking about online income, passive income, funnel approach , flexi work opportunity , wealth creation etc. To some extent, these are tending to business based interventions by individuals having risk taking capabilities. In my view , Business can offer many … Continue reading Business Is Best Opportunity For Risk Takers

Sustainable Business Practices

In the age of globalization, Business organizations are focusing to achieve sustainable development practices and greener practices so that future generations can be ensured to availability of many resources from our mother earth. Today's main challenge is how to cut carbon dioxide emissions from factories and other wastage of materials. In this way, focus should … Continue reading Sustainable Business Practices