Life is full of avenues for whom who dare to take steps @independent thoughts..abhishek Pandey

Role of Viewers is quite important for excitement in a Football Match

Recently, we have seen COPA America CUP 2020 has been ended with champion Argentina which defeated defending champion Brazil by 1-0. This time , I feel cool with this tournament due to non Viewers. As compared to Copa America Cup , UEFA 2020 was quite exciting as there are plenty of spectators in each matches. … Continue reading Role of Viewers is quite important for excitement in a Football Match

Morning Quote

Life lies in simplicity. Practice it diligently. @ abhishek Pandey

Life is a journey equipped with random thoughts if no peace will be in mind and soul

A balanced person can only experience non randomness of ideas and thoughts. Meditation

World Environment Day @2021

The theme of this year is "Ecosystem Restoration". It has been rightly chosen as a theme. The need of hour is to make social, economic and environmental changes so as to achieve environmental protection. There should be a list of countries and organizations which are doing great in terms of restoration efforts. Independent agencies should … Continue reading World Environment Day @2021

Crisis revels our test for preparedness to fight

The global economy has been facing many unprecedented challenges amid Pandemic time. None knows what will be accurate figure of growth and development and time of normalcy.. If , we carefully analyze the Pandemic situations across the global spectrum then we can easily determine that the level of our proactive approach and preparation to face … Continue reading Crisis revels our test for preparedness to fight

Inspiring millions

A single thought can inspire millions of people across the world.

Morning Peace

The peace of mind can be well observed in the wake of morning when we have full energy and fresh thoughts on different issues. Morning peace will provide mood fresh and unconditional peace of soul. The day is about to start