Reality of Life : An End

Morning reminds us for solitude and peaceful thinking @ Cool minds help in exploring new thoughts

Happy Holi 2021 : An Indian Festival of Colors and Joy

Amid Covid Pandemic, Holi is one of the important festivals of Indian people and its diaspora. Holi offers a chance to forget old enemies , leave negativity , quarrels and work hard together to achieve big success in the life. I wish you all the great festival of Colors and Entertainment of sweet dishes.

Top10 topics for discussions in 2021

Here , Our website is offering top 10 concerns which might be raised by writer , think tank organizations around the world . These are taken based on personal experiences of the writer. Please see and comments about other hot topics : Pandemic , Covid19Unemployment and its consequencesRecovery of global economiesDigital Transformation Photo by Keira … Continue reading Top10 topics for discussions in 2021

Let’s see the journey of 2021

Dear friends, As we are entering into new morning of 2021, then it is important to understand our journey for this great time. We can hope that Covid19 will not be severe one and vaccinations will work a lot to save the humanity . Global warming should be addressed with new commitments from global head … Continue reading Let’s see the journey of 2021