Succession Management is a top rated priority for Indian corporate

Succession management refers to corporate level plans to ensure leadership continuity. Indian organizations are mainly classified under Family and Non- Family Groups . Both types of organizations are working to ensure a rigorous philosophy to at least fill the top level profiles with best talent. Talent management review, Succession Strategies and corporate governance strategies must … Continue reading Succession Management is a top rated priority for Indian corporate

InFInITy Forum 2021 (FinTech Start UP Conclave)

InFinity Forum is the IFSCA's flagship financial technology event—leveraging Bloomberg's extensive market reach to promote strong global connections with a focus on the needs of the Indian economy, promoting ease of doing business and providing a robust regulatory environment. This is first of its Kind program in India. Please join this event for its big success,

Hybrid Work Structure: A New Hope to Workplace

Pandemic taught us many lessons. In terms of creating alternatives, new work arrangements, our way to day to day life and many other facets of our life. Hybrid work models offer employers and employees a way to optimize efforts and outcomes in the race of competition. If ,employees will work from home then it will … Continue reading Hybrid Work Structure: A New Hope to Workplace

life has many unsung facets

We must keep on moving with our present goals .Life has many ups and downs so we have to become strong and capable to combat those hard times. Almighty has created us to face such challenges and become warrior . Photo by Gerd Altmann on

Waves of Festive Shopping

In India and many other parts of the world, the months of November to January has many positive insights like aggressive purchase decisions by the household customers, expenses on luxury goods and many other essential to mandatory shopping trends can be observed. This time is great to launch a new product and start selling articles … Continue reading Waves of Festive Shopping

Plant tree as much as possible

Sustainability practices are important to prserve and restore the disturbed ecosystem of our earth. Glaciers are melting. Unexpected weathers and cyclones are coming. These are the right indications that human beings must make great efforts to save this earth from being ruined or destroyed. Tree plantation is one of the activities which may reduce many … Continue reading Plant tree as much as possible

Meaning of Succession Management in Organization

In the age of competition, the success of an organization depends upon many factors . One such important factor is succession planning and management. It is the practice of planning, developing and creating a pool of executives who can take the top leadership profiles of the organization. Career management, retention of employees, and talent management … Continue reading Meaning of Succession Management in Organization