Why Western Countries are not helping other world at a time of crisis? India is an example of Humanity and peace keeping nation..Time to learn a lot from Great Indian philosophy

The time has gone to see a country with a mindset of Developed and Underdeveloped…Recently , UK has denied to give permission to Indian Vaccination Certificate in UK travel. It is truly a double standard step . More than 15 countries have taken help from GOI and allow Indian vaccines for its citizens. In covid time, we have seen countries like Italy, UK, US and many other countries have faced severe death and health care malpractices and mismanagement even in dispose of the dead bodies.

The truth is that they don’t have capacity to help their own citizens. So , how they can help other countries of the world.

We should salute India as a humanitarian country , which offers not only free vaccines to many countries. Even a country like UK has asked for Covi-shield vaccine from India . India is best in vaccine production and distribution. It has highest market share in Vaccine development.

It has devised COWIN app which is requested by 142 countries to utilized as open source application. Britain is far behind from India in terms of Vaccination, humanitarian efforts and Technological innovation in modern day.

Our Honorable PM, Shri Narendra Modi has taken great steps to help global economies, save the environment through solar empowerment, and never done any dual standard with global citizens.

Photo by Julia Volk on Pexels.com

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