Post Covid19 Challenges For Humanity

Covid19 is gradually declining with its effects on our day to day life related activities. The programs for vaccination is running across different countries of the world. The major lessons of Covid19 crisis must be identified, analyzed and potential strategies should be framed by the top level leaders of our global society.

Human beings should understand the potential challenges and side effects of this Pandemic. The main aspect of this type of analysis should be to find out ways and solutions so that loss of life and economy can be avoided by global citizens.

The Major challenges might be listed below ,which are possible to be faced by human society:

1) Food related issues

2) Health care services

3) Medicine development

4) Readiness of healthcare human resources

5) Economic growth may be slumped

6) Migration related challenges

7) Social security challenges

Inspite of the above challenges, there are many issues may be identified and effective strategies can be explored.

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