Online Income : Myths and Realities

In the age of new normal after covid19 pandemic severe challenges, people are searching about getting the new ways of earning money with different tools. In this way , people are creating online courses, writing blogs, promoting bran success stories, online tutoring, freelancing, affiliate marketing and many innovative products and services design so far.

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The most important challenge is to become a passive earner within a short span of time. The myths are

  1. Internet can offer millions of money on a single day for every content creator or affiliate marketers.
  2. People need not to do much work.
  3. There is easy money option without any expenses
  4. No technical skills are required.
  5. Only benefits are there.

The major realities are

  1. One must have patience .
  2. Income can be generated through skills enhancement.
  3. There are many people who are ready to make you fool.
  4. Try to learn things with your mind game
  5. Definitely earning can be done for long term .

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