Meaning of Life

When , we see the world from ray of hope , it seems that our life is too small to live and feel the occurrences of happiness event. Life is the time frame where we see ups and downs , sorrow , grief, challenges, jealousy , bad and good things together with a curvilinear function.

Our family comes first whenever , we realize the relationships with other like parents, siblings and some close neighbors . This feeling and understanding changes with the passage of time . Many times , we sacrifice our life for some gentle thoughts , to achieve some great positions where our status quo might be get satisfied. According to Maslow’s theory of needs , human needs and aspirations can be categorized into five distinct order of needs like physiological needs, safety needs, social needs , self esteem needs and self actualization needs. Ultimately , this theory is very much our social and professional life.

But , I believe that meaning of our life is not to fulfill our aspirations but it is a set of struggle that everyone do for their personal desires, family needs, social level contributions and other random occurring events.

Our thoughts , ideas and actions define our sum total of life styles and struggles to achieve some great milestones in our life.

If, we are able to bring happiness in others life then ultimately our life will be successful. In true sense , we can see that there highly talented people, great leaders and brilliant contributors in our immediate society but ultimately their achievements are impacting the society even they are not present in our society. That should be the eternal aim of everyone’s life.

Ideas and views are personal to the author and there is no intention to harm anybody .

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