Philosophies Of Swami Vivekanand Ji : Indian Heritage of Spirituality

Everyone knows about Speech of Swami Ji in the year 1893 at Chicago, World religion Conference. He was the profounder of world is one family in modern day thought. His remarks to Americans Citizens as Dear Brothers and Sisters still remembered by many people across the world.

Swami Ji was first people who modernized our spiritual heritage and Vedic philosophy to global mass with crystal clear notions. He quoted that ” Take risks in your life, if you win, you may lead. If you loose, you may guide..”

Every religion has great things to collaborate and contribute for humanitarian services. This was one of the belief of Swami Ji.

The need of time is to remember swami ji’s thoughts on Karma and religion so as to resolve the challenges of many issues of the time. According to Swamivivekanad Ji, ” Arise ! Awake !Stop Not Until The Goal is Reached”.

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