Values And Ethics In Our Life : It is the Need Of Hour

Today, we are facing a common challenge about degrading value and ethical system in our family and societal life. People are running towards monetary rewards and to collect facilities like big house , luxury cars, creating huge wealth etc. but they forget about how to fullfill the need of our inner self.

The most of the problems of our society can be removed when our education and family learning will be based on value education and supported by ethical conducts of our senior citizens .

The role of media , institutions, government authorities, family members and societal groups etc. has increased to promote ethics and value based decision making in our childrens and within the members of communities.

Global interactions among people of different countries can also be helpful in building a common platforms so that a code of standards can be floated across world to strengthen the value system.

The recent Pandemic Covid19 is still alarming us to taking join efforts toward protecting natural resources and don’t consumer excess resources. Exploitation of flora and fauna must be done with a sustainable development practices. In this way, we can protect our globally interlinked society.

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