Sustainability issues in Food and Agriculture Sector

As a consumer, we are getting suggestions from our family members, consultant, physicians, dietitians, media sources etc. that chemicals and toxics are available in our food chain . It causes many challenges to our health and wellbeing.

People are becoming older before their actual age . Immunity is also a major challenge to be maintain at a time when many challenges are associated with our natural environment and weather systems.

Photo by Ryutaro Tsukata on

The need of time is to protect natural cycle of growing fresh vegetables, organic production of food grains and avoiding the use of fertilizers to our farms and field.

Food preservation and supply chain must be interlinked in such a way that consumers get natural items to eat and use for their families.

Global think tank and policies making authorities must take steps to prserve our food chain and natuarally sourced food grains across global food markets .

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