New wave of Covid19: Ways to Handle it

People across the world are facing the unknown risks and life threatening consequences of Pandemic, Covid19. The recent cases of Corona disease must be taken as serious one. The need of our is to again maintain,

  • Social Distancing
  • Avoid touching of unnecessary things
  • Try to boost your immunity
  • Maintenan hygienic conditions in home
  • Do excercise and Yoga at home
  • Support family members with motivational dialogues
  • Wait for getting the vaccinations
  • Cooperate to healthcare and government authorities
  • In this way , we can say that Covid19 Pandemic must be taken as a knock for keeping ourselves more active with family life . One can save oneself with self reliant methods .

2 thoughts on “New wave of Covid19: Ways to Handle it

  1. Abhishek sir is a very high potential teacher and they look into every aspect of the situation then they conclude it they have a lot of knowledge about management and his research is very valuable for us.
    Thank you


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